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Quality Assurance Consultant Spec. II

Please note this is a contractor position for a New York State Goverment Agency. All mandatory requirements specified below must be satisfied.

Mandatory Requirements Minimum Years of Experience Required
Demonstrated experience in project management, specifications analysis, and system design. 4 years
Demonstrated experience in performing quality assurance reviews, including developing quality assurance methods and documentation. 4 years
Demonstrated experience working with State agencies, local providers, local governmental units, or community based agencies 2 years
Expert in development of design and specifications documentation. 4 years
Expert in managing quality assurance staff 4 years
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Access 2000, Adobe Acrobat; 4 years
Expert in application testing; 3 years
Demonstrated experience in Oracle Discoverer 3 years
Direct experience with Quality Assurance implementation in mental health or health information systems. 1 year
Demonstrated experience providing presentations to large audiences. XX
Must possess a Bachelors degree (any major) or higher. NA
Excellent English oral communication skills *1 NA
Excellent English written communication skills *1 NA